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Black women and women in general are getting a free ride and Steinem knows it. Black woman are extremely violent in the black community and get a pass. This is highly documented on video from many black video bloggers on you tube. About the only place this is talked about.
One example for you Welmer to help your point is the whole welfare thing. An uneducated black woman can at 17 get pregnant and she has money a place to stay and is secure enough to claim she “don’t need no man” The dumb ass that knocked the cunt up is now a criminal for life. That is the foundation of the “hood” The children of these women are the criminals and the drop outs we here so much about. Talk is about fatherless homes well the bastards of the babie mommas are the fathers. With the police looking the other way on black female behavior as they raise the bastards to be just like mom. The boys get arrested ,crimminal record rinse repeat. New thug studs to knock up the next generation. The baseline is so violent and disfunctional that the only man able to deliver the gina tingle is a completely worthless thug. A normal educated black man not into the African American culture as described is weak punk ass nigga thinking he is white. The main factor driving this is the fixed black voting block it creates and the fact that it is some what sustainable due to the rest of the country being in a position to support it. Steinem here is just one more voice that likes it the way it is.
This is what Steinem does not wish to change. This is also fairly normal

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Quartermain September 2, 2014 at 15:00
I think the Pilgrims had something there when they had the dunking stool for gossips and scolds.

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greyghost September 2, 2014 at 15:03
This is perfectly ok in Stienem’s world

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abraccadabbra September 2, 2014 at 15:47
The UK counterpart to Americas blathering Gloria Steinem might be a certain Yasmin Alibhai Brown.

This idiot of a woman on reviewing the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal reiterated that Asian women alone, because they are special, ought to be favored and encouraged by the state, ahead of all other demographics in order for utopia to prevail.