A man telling me what to do and pretending that I'm not worth the work of courting, earning my respect, and treating me as what I am....AN EQUAL....he isn't even going to get a smile from me.

Let alone the chance to talk to me, date me, or get anywhere near me physically.

Sorry, but if this is your attitude on women, then you're a misogynist and a douche-bag just like other woman-hating PUAs are.

June 1, 2010 12:04:00 PM EST
Lady Raine said...
If you don't consider women equals, then you need to pay a hooker.


You don't deserve rights to a woman's body and the risk she's taking in possibly pregnancy, the fact that women are 2x more likely to catch an STD from a man....than a man is from a woman, AND the still-present idiotic "shaming" for engaging in sex.

While the man is simply given a high-five from his buddies.

Women have every right to DEMAND male respect and if they DON'T treat us as equals, then they can fuck off and go pay a professional to pretend to like them.

This post really makes me think that you are just a sexist posing as anything BUT that.

What would you say when a woman tells other women that they should "Treat the man like he's less than her. He is NOT your equal and you should treat him accordingly."

Should I dominate and disrespect a man just because I'm smarter than him?

Have more money than him?

Have a better education than him?