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“The art of sensuality has largely been lost and replaced by its vulgar distant cousin twice removed- sexuality.”
Theodora Conrad

Sex sells. As a result, we’re constantly bombarded with explicit media. Yet we’re having less sex in relationships, and fewer orgasms with our partners. Men impatiently fast-forward to the money shot through even the most hard-core porn. Women find casual sex depressing and unfulfilling, but struggle to find more meaningful experiences.

Sensuality is the missing ingredient to great sex, and it’s often described as being the purview of the feminine. Theodora Conrad:

“In sexuality, what you see is what you get. There is no mystery or intrigue. Once the other has seen and perhaps experienced what you have to offer, there is a law of diminishing gratification and he or she will look for something else to catch their attention. Both the journey and the destination are all about (meaningless) sex.

…Being sensual is a soundless intimate conversation with another. It is a dance, a duet. And when a sensual being decides to be intimate with someone, it is incredibly pleasurable to both parties…As opposed to sexuality, sensuality is a feminine trait. It is a warm, inviting, attractive energy.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is an expert on marriage and sex. In an interview with BigThink he states:

“I think in our culture we suppress and deny a woman’s true erotic nature. We seem to believe that men are the really sexual ones and women kind of put up with sex in order to get romantic love. It’s summed up in one of those humorous quotations where marriage is the price that men pay for sex and sex is the price that women pay for marriage. There is no truth to this.

…Women have a much more deeply erotic nature. Think about it. Women seem to have their emotions deeply connected with their sexuality which makes it like rocket fueled. And the suppression, the denial of a woman’s erotic nature, of a woman’s sensual nature is something that is depressing the heck out of a lot of women which is why we’re suddenly discovering the emergence of the genre of bestselling books like 50 Shades of Grey.”

I believe that men can be very sensual, but it’s usually women who bring sensuality to a relationship by heightening the emotional component. By definition, casual sex cannot be sensual because there is no shared emotional component.