Fuel-Saving 20-30% record 47% ⛽
HHO kit iX PREDATOR Plug-n-play ????
HHO kits HHO Generators Hydrogen Saving fuel 47% Plug-N-Play All-In-One Ready in 5 minutes No installation required
Ready in 5 min. Plug n play pre-installed ????

The new Cathode Anode iX PREDATOR HHO Kit HHO generators no longer use unnecessary neutral plates in Fuel-Saver Active engine carbon cleaning Hydrogen Kit!
1. Connect the HHO kit PLUG-N-PLAY iX PREDATOR to the car battery ????, 2. Add water ???? with KOH 90% ???? Ready to -60°C ❄️/+50°C ☀️, 3. Ready to start the engine ???? in 5 minutes ⌛. Enjoy saving fuel and eco ride ????????.

Record in fuel-saving up to 37%-47% with Hho kit hho generator hydrogen kit iX PREDATOR for cars, SUVs, vans, pickups up to 6 Litres pre-installed plug-n-play, 5 years warranty on the generator, 3 steps ready in 5 minutes! Watch videos

The new 2022 Cathode Anode iX HHO generators no longer use unnecessary neutral plates.
HHO kits HHO Generators Hydrogen for cars Saving fuel 47% Plug-N-Play All-In-One Ready in 5 minutes No installation required
Are you tired of increasing fuel prices? Do you want to reduce the consumption of 30% of your car and more or reduce your vehicle's pollution (CO, CO2, SOx and Nox)? Then you have come to the right place!
HHO-FACTORY, Ltd. has developed a new ALL-IN-ONE system that allows you to save a lot of fuel and, therefore, a lot of money at a low price.

Use conventional fuel and combine it with the power of hydrogen (oxyhydrogen). Our ALL-IN-ONE system with PLUG-N-PLAY is the fastest and most intelligent way not required to install in and out of another car at any time.

The way our system works is as simple as it is ingenious. Electrolysis in our cell splits water (H2) from oxygen (O), and the hydrogen (oxyhydrogen gas) produced by this process is added directly to the engine's air intake.

The electrolytic gas (hydrogen) ensures cleaner and, above all, more effective, virtually residue-free combustion of the fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. The system is equally suitable for petrol and diesel engines and LPG vehicles running on natural gas.

No special prior knowledge is required for our user-friendly ALL-IN-ONE PLUG-N-PLAY system just to connect to the vehicle. The illustrated mounting instructions, as in the interactive manual, are very catchy.

1. Reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% or more in highway or city traffic.

2. Your car's performance will significantly improve.

3. Less CO 2 emissions and cleaner combustion are better for the environment.

4. Carbon monoxide emissions will reduce.

5. The temperature of your engine will lower.

6. The life of your engine will extend.

7. Engines run smoother due to more efficient combustion with a hydrogen system.

We conducted experiments to evaluate the influence of the addition of a hydrogen-oxygen mixture (obtained from electrochemically decomposed water) in the intake air of a single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. Research shows that hydrogen through the cylinder inlet of the diesel engine improves the combustion process due to the superior properties of hydrogen compared to conventional fuels.

Hydrogen studies have shown that adding hydrogen to combustion engines significantly reduces CO 2 emissions.

Internal combustion engine converts the chemical energy of fuel through combustion into mechanical work. Combustion occurs in the combustion chamber, which ignites a mixture of fuel and ambient air. The thermal expansion of the hot combustion gas is moving a piston. The resulting energy powers the car.

Well-known examples of combustion engines are the gasoline engine and the diesel engine in cars. With an efficient engine setting, the best combustion occurs when the piston has reached TDC. (TDC = top dead centre, highest piston position in the cylinder) However, most engines will ignite sooner, which means that the fuel is not entirely burning, resulting in higher fuel consumption and the associated CO 2 emissions. Higher environmental impact! By adding hydrogen (oxyhydrogen gas) to the fuel-air mixture, higher pressure is exerted on the pistons, resulting in more efficient combustion of the fuel, resulting in fuel savings and fewer pollutants.

THAT'S IMPRESSIVE! hydrogen kit for trucks/47% Fuel-Saving Plug-N-Play HHO Kit HHO generator Hydrogen kits for cars trucks
With the installation of one of our systems, you can convert your vehicle into a low-cost hybrid vehicle and, if necessary, restore it to its original state without losing value.